My Story

So.., who is that guy talking about consultant networks and stuff? Hey, I´m Claudius and I got around 25 years of experience in consulting in different industries like SaaS, High-Tech, E-commerce, Telco, Automotive, Health and some more.

As an independent consultant, I found it really hard to get projects in the early days – in addition to the need to manage my current projects and earn some money for my family at the same time.
Some consultant friends gave me a few tips on which agents offered interesting and suitable topics and projects for me. But were they really good? Which platforms match my expertise and how do I get exciting international projects? You can only find a little information online and not a comprehensive overview of all relevant networks for management consultants. This prompted me to compile this overview. If you find it useful, I would be delighted if you would share it!

All the best and kind regards

Claudius, founder consultantstogo.com